Super Storm Sandy Survivors
A special note from Maureen...

I am a native born Massapequan and I feel heartbroken over all the devastation that has occurred due to this fierce storm. To help storm survivors, I have put together a Special Team of Designers to help you create an affordable, beautiful design for your home.

Ask about our reduced rates for all who have been affected by the storm.

If you need to raise your home to comply with FEMA regulations and need to see how it can look with Conceptual Ideas & Drawings which may include a new flight of stairs with landings, a walkway and perhaps a new driveway….Our Team of Specialized Designers can help.

If you need a new Landscape Design with Plant Material suitable for property near the Great South Bay….Our Team of Specialized Designers can help.

We can tie in the Exterior with the Interior because this is our specialty. We have been doing Landscape Design & Interior Design since 1990.

We specialize in Space Planning & Conceptual Designs. If you are having trouble visualizing your ideas, now that your home is gutted, we can provide Sketches & Drawings so that you can see what the new design will look like. We can also address Future Needs & Aging in Place.

We can provide the necessary Professionals required by your Building Department for Plans, Permits and Variances.

Later, when you are ready to select Furniture, Flooring, Carpet, Window Treatments, Wall Treatments and Accessories you can contact our Materials Specialist Marie Byrne at: She can provide access to Showrooms, Trade Products & Services.

Below is an example of a house that was re-designed and elevated in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. As you can see, the home suffered significant damage from the storm. As another client of ours experienced firsthand, being lifted with Helical Piles (see Newsday article regarding Helical Pilings by Hughes Brothers General Contracting, Inc.) now leaves the house significantly higher above the ground. In the event of another storm and similar flooding, water would run under the house instead of inside the house, evading damage to the house itself.


The Destruction

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Hurricane Sandy followed a “worse case scenario” path along the Northeast coast, including New York City and Long Island. The storm also coincided with high tide, contributing to “record tide levels.” (National Weather Service)

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You had to watch out for sharks, too! Could it be MaryLee? She's a Great White that returns to our waters each year. I think Cisco also!!!

Concept Drawings



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